Russia humiliated as glaring flaw found in threat to cover UK in ‘radioactive tsunami’

Putin's mouthpiece threatens to eliminate UK with nuclear drone

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Moscow warned that its terrifying Poseidon drone can trigger a giant 500-metre tidal wave of radioactive seawater that could batter Britain and turn it into a wasteland. The weapon reportedly uses a top-secret propulsion system and can allegedly target warships, aircraft carriers, coastal fortifications and infrastructure. Dmitry Kiselyov, the anchor of a Russian state-television show, said on Channel One’s Sunday evening show: “The explosion of this thermonuclear torpedo by Britain’s coastline will cause a gigantic tsunami wave.”

It came after a Russian MP warned that the UK is now a “prime target” for Moscow given London’s unwavering military and political support for Kyiv.

The Russian lawmaker said: “Great Britain is a prime target for that (nuclear strike). It is an island nation, which would minimise the damage to the continent.”

But, embarrassingly, there’s a glaring flaw in that threat.

The nuclear submarine drone reportedly carries a two-megatonne warhead that allegedly travels 125mph.

The submarine’s delivery system would take days or even weeks to reach its target – and it’s unlikely such a weapon would go unnoticed for that long.

But it has been argued that Russia might not want to waste the expensive submarine by arming it with a warhead when it could instead use the other terrifying weapons in its arsenal like the “Satan 2”.

Poseidon’s speed is also far slower than regular intercontinental ballistic missiles, which can carry out the same function in just half an hour.

Meanwhile, strikes from other weapons could reach the UK’s capital in as little as 15 minutes, according to Professor Futter, a nuclear weapons expert from the University of Leicester.

He said attacks with its faster hypersonic missiles “wouldn’t give us time to do anything. Government officials might be OK, there is a bunker under Whitehall and some places VIPs can hide.”

Vladimir Putin has claimed that the Poseidon has stunning capabilities.

He said in a March 2018 speech that Poseidon’s “nuclear power unit is unique for its small size while offering an amazing power-weight ratio”.

He added: “It is a hundred times smaller than the units that power modern submarines, but is still more powerful and can switch into combat mode, that is to say, reach maximum capacity, 200 times faster.”

But the weapon is still in its trial stages.

An unnamed Russian defence official told the TASS news agency: “The reactor is installed in the hull of the operating drone but the tests are being held as part of experimental design work rather than full-fledged sea trials at this stage.”

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Experts have also questioned how Poseidon’s reactor design can be so advanced when its regular nuclear submarines are not of the same level.

But despite being slower than other ICBMs, its speed of 125mph is reportedly fast enough to make it uncatchable to existing torpedoes.

Mr Kiselyov noted: “Such a barrier alone also carries extreme doses of radiation.”

Poseidon is said to have been tested at least 11 times, but these have usually been trails of its autonomous systems, not its more threatening nuclear-propulsion system.

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