Russian conscripts furious after finding ‘humanitarian aid’ better than rations

A video circulating online shows a group of recent Russian conscripts furious to find "humanitarian aid" that is better than their paltry rations of "28 grams of biscuits", being kept from them.

The conscripts, based just south of Moscow, stumbled upon the storage cupboard full of food including noodles, milk, biscuits and tinned food, which angered them because they were surviving on paltry supplies.

"This is humanitarian aid for us,” says one of the men, angrily, in the video, while another adds: "Meanwhile, we get 28 grams of biscuits a day."

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It comes amid reports that most of the recent wave of conscripts for Russia are surviving on just bread and water.

In the clip, shot in Serpukhov, located 100 km south of Moscow, the men point out that they have never received humanitarian aid sent from various parts of the country.

Instead, they claim, they subside on very little. In the clip, they say that the aid was destined for them but never arrived.

The video was shared by the founder of the Estonian project, Dmitry Masinski.

In the clip, the narrator says: "This is humanitarian aid for us. There's water on the floor, plus ham, canned food, sweets… I don't know, lots of everything. I have to climb to see what else we have here.

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"Bagels, potatoes, sponge cakes started by mice. Canned pork, juices, there's really everything here. Condensed milk, I have toilet paper under my feet, there are various pates here."

His colleague then chimes in: "Meanwhile, we get 28 grams of biscuits a day."

On one of the cardboard boxes, packed with tea, there is an inscription that it is a package from the Buzuluk region, close to the border with Kazahkstan.

However, these conscripts say they have to buy tea with their own money.

Some of the food was rotting while more of it was eaten by mice, one soldier says. "It's all here, it doesn't even go to the military. It just rots away. And they feed us once a day," he adds.

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