Samsung’s own website just leaked the Galaxy Note 9

Galaxy Note 9 LEAKED: Samsung’s own website shares a photo of the upcoming ‘phablet’ one week before its release date

  • Samsung’s flagship product will be unveiled on August 9 in Brooklyn, New York
  • The official image reveals the Note 9 will have a 3.5mm headphone port 
  • It was blazoned across the webpage with the slogan ‘Say Hello To Super Power’
  • Samsung has taken down the image, but was captured by eagle-eyed fans
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Samsung accidentally published an image of its upcoming Galaxy Note 9 handset on its own website.

The image, which revealed the finalised design of the as-yet unannounced smartphone, was swiftly taken down from the site.

However, eagle-eyed fans were able to take screenshots of the official promotional image, which carries the tagline ‘say hello to super power’.

Samsung’s picture confirms a number of long-rumoured details about the smartphone, including the fact that it will carry a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Apple sparked controversy when it decided to ditch the industry-standard port with its iPhone range in September 2016, a move that has been followed by a number of other hardware manufacturers, including Google and HTC.

Samsung is scheduled to formally unveil its flagship Note 9 smartphone during a launch event on August 9 in Brooklyn, New York.

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Samsung has accidentally released images of the upcoming Galaxy Note 9 on its own website. The image of the phone was blazoned across the webpage and accompanied with the slogan ‘Say Hello To Super Power’

The image published by Samsung shows the Note 9 phablet placed face-down on a surface, with the updated yellow S Pen stylus on its back.

It confirms the South Korean company phone will re-position the fingerprint sensor beneath the dual-camera system.

Previous models has placed the scanner to the right of the camera, however, users complained the position was difficult to reach – especially for left-handed users.

The leaked images, which were shared by serial tipster Evan Blass on Twitter, also confirm the Note 9 will have a dual camera and an upgraded S-Pen stylus.

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Samsung also appears to be focused on the performance of its new handset, with the tagline ‘Say Hello To Super Power’ above the image.

Previous rumours suggest the Note 9 will be powered by Qualcomm’s top-of-the-line Snapdragon 845, coupled with 6GB of RAM.

Ahead of the launch event on August 9, there has been a number of rumours about the handset circulating online. 

One of the most intriguing leaks that emerged in recent weeks suggests the launch of the Note 9 will coincide with video game Fortnite rolling out on Android.

The hugely-successful survival shooter looks set to debut on the mobile operating system next month, as part of an exclusive deal to help promote the launch of Samsung’s latest flagship handset, the Galaxy Note 9.

Fortnite will purportedly only be available to Galaxy Note 9 owners for the first 30 days after the title launches on Android, according to insiders.

After the 30-day exclusivity deal expires, Fortnite will be free to download from the Google Play Store.

The snaps, revealed by notable phone leaked Evan Blass on Twitter, also show the Note 9 will have a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, switched-up dual camera and an upgraded S-Pen stylus

Rumours of the phone’s spec have been abound for weeks, with speculation heating up as the launch date rapidly approaches

Those who try to check the official Galaxy Note 9 image now will see the above warning, as the link was swiftly taken down by Samsung 

The video game, created by developer Epic Games, has become a sensation worldwide, amassing more than 125 million players across the globe. 

However, anonymous sources speaking to both 9to5Google and XDA Developers claim Fortnite will launch on Android release alongside the next Samsung phone.

Samsung is set to hold a hardware announcement at the Brooklyn Centre in New York for its next flagship smartphone, the Galaxy Note 9, on August 9 2018.

The South Korean firm mailed out invites to event, known as Unpacked, last month.

An exclusive partnership between Fortnite creator Epic Games and Samsung will purportedly see any fans who pre-order the Note 9 receive between £76 to £115 ($100 and $150) worth of V-Bucks, 9to5Google reports.

The Samsung Note 9 will replace the Note 8 as the South Korean firms top-tier smartphone. 

An exclusive deal with Fortnite could be the clearest indication yet that Samsung’s main goal with the Note 9 is to push deeper into the field of mobile gaming.

According to anonymous sources speaking to technology blog XDA Developers, Samsung will emphasise the role of the included stylus – known as the S Pen – in mobile gaming experiences. 


Overall, the phone seems capable of redeeming the Note reputation after the disaster of the Galaxy Note 7. 

Samsung focused on high quality where it matters, such as in the camera and the memory. 

It prioritized a smooth, functional phone with the best of the best for each feature rather than adding too many unnecessary bells and whistle-type additions. 

Every new feature seems like something users would actually use.

The screen truly feels limitless. 

Overall, the phone seems capable of redeeming the Note reputation after last year’s disaster.

The S Pen is noticeably more precise than the last, our reporter found

Holding it, I can’t believe how sleek and light it is for its perceived size.

It certainly deceives you. The screen is truly massive and could enable users to perform tasks previously found to be cumbersome on smartphones.

With this device, fewer people will be using their laptops, I assume.

It’s feels slimmer than the iPhone Plus but not by an extreme amount. 

If you consider the massive screen space, however, it feels much, much slimmer and lighter for size than the iPhone. 

The S Pen is noticeably more precise than the last.

Coloring a graphic of New York City in PenUp, it’s actually difficult to color outside the lines.

My favorite new feature is the Live Focus. 

Samsung cameras have long been of great quality and produced amazing photos, but the depth this feature provides brings this phone the closest to a professional camera that I’ve seen from any smartphone.

It’s ability to to focus on a point in the foreground while blurring the background makes the pictures incredible. 

Sage Lazzaro 

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