Science has found the perfect way to take a selfie

Want to take your best selfie? Tilt the camera.

A new multipart study published in Frontiers in Psychology found that the best ways to take pictures of yourself involves getting the right angle.

German researchers showed 172 participants 3-D faces from different perspectives and rated them on their attractiveness, reports Men’s Health.

People were more likely to find selfies attractive when the camera was tilted to the subject’s right side by 15 degrees, like Ashley Graham’s Instagram snap.

The study also discovered that selfies were considered more pleasing when the camera was tilted above or below the subject — a technique mastered by Selena Gomez, the most followed person on Instagram.

But the most compelling self-portraits of all were those made when the camera was titled above, showing the right side of the subject’s face, like this snap by social-media maven Drake.


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