Scientists explain the two secret ingredients for perfect pancakes

Today, people across the UK will treat themselves to breakfast-for-dinner, in celebration of Pancake Day.

But with so many different recipes available online, it can be difficult to know which to rely on for the perfect pancakes.

Thankfully, help is at hand, as scientists from the American Chemical Society have revealed the recipe for the ultimate pancakes.

Aside from the standard milk, flour and eggs, the researchers suggest that you add to secret ingredients to your batter – lemon juice and baking soda.

These two ingredients react together and produce bubble of gas, which get trapped in the batter, resulting in light and fluffy pancakes.

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Meanwhile, the extra baking soda can also make sure your pancakes are perfectly brown.

In a video posted to its YouTube channel, the American Chemical Society explained: “Having just a little bit of baking soda that's not neutralised by acid helps pancakes develop colour and flavour, but not too much or they'll brown too quickly and taste burnt.”

This is based on the Maillard reaction – a reaction between amino acids and reducing sugars that gives browned food a distance flavour.

The researchers added: “If you really want to enhance Maillard, fold some melted butter or oil into the batter.”

Meanwhile, the researchers added that overbearing your pancakes is an absolute no-go.

They said: “You might be tempted to beat your pancake batter until it's perfectly smooth and there's no lumps of dry ingredients to be seen.

“Over mixing your pancake batter will make it tough…just mix your batter until it is combined.”

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