Sex doll with saucy Scottish accent does interview – and it’s all a bit weird

A sex doll with a Scottish accent has delivered a strange interview about how technology is changing.

The sex doll's interview was uploaded to Instagram and makes for a remarkably strange viewing as an interviewer listens in on the doll's thoughts.

An account by the name of brickdollbanger uploaded the video, where the doll can be heard rattling off a few facts about new technologies and smartphones before asking a few questions of her own.

It's no Terminator, but the video does provide a creepy experience for viewers sa the doll questions the evolution of techology.

Immediately the robo-doll says that there are at least "seven billion" smartphones and asks about "the people you have met" in learning more about technology and how it is "changing the way we live."

Appearing to interview a man sat opposite, he replies by talking of the "love-hate" relationship people have with technology.

The man, who the sex doll calls Todd, said: "It's certainly changing everything about us and what we've found is that most people have a love-hate relationship with technology."

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The video soon turns a tad more graphic, stripping the doll down with a crew repositioning the camera.

While the metallic clink and accent in the voice of the Scottish sex doll make it hard to understand at times, the video does mark a chillingly interesting leap in AI technology.

No reply to Todd's answer can be seen in the video, but the doll can be seen fluttering its eyes and making slight facial movements throughout the clip.

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