Summer rains bring terrifying acid-shooting ‘whip scorpions’ out into wilderness

Acid shooting whip scorpions have been spotted in a national park in America, with visitors being warned of an uptick in the eerie insects.

Big Bend National Park have warned visitors that they may see these creepy crawlies due to the increase in rain in the area, with the arachnids called vinegaroons coming "out of their burrows in search of food and love".

The creatures, also known as whip scorpions, typically grow to about three inches long.

They use their mouths to pinch as well as their whip-like tails to shoot a liquid that is 85% acetic acid, a main ingredient in vinegar, according a Facebook post from the national park.

The creatures are commonly seen in the desert, but have recently found themselves roaming round the bushes and shrubs of the national park in Texas.

Vinegaroons are nocturnal and struggle to see, with them hunting by feeling for vibrations using their front legs. They mainly hunt invertebrates such as crickets and scorpions.

The park has said that the scorpions are "relatively benign unless you annoy them" and even said on their Facebook post to "look closely" if visitors manage to spot one. They may even see a female carrying her hatchlings through the park.

The insects are largely harmless, with them not being poisonous despite their scary appearance. They can still be quite painful if they bite, with their mouths being solid. The acid can also sting, similar to getting vinegar in a cut.

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The creature's name is misleading as they are not actually scorpions, even though they look like one. Legend has it that if you are sprayed with their liquid, you can smell and taste vinegar for days, although this is a myth.

The picture of a vinegaroon at the national park saw lots of people commenting about their opinions on the creature, with one person saying: "Scary at first until you said 'eats scorpions' haha. I like the critter now."

Another person said: "I spent my entire childhood thinking these could kill people."

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