Take this test to see if you suffer from ‘Impostor Syndrome’

Whether it’s worrying that your work isn’t 100% perfect or feeling like you haven’t truly earned your job title, there are several occasions when we feel like impostors.

Now, a new test has been developed that reveals if you suffer from so-called ‘Impostor Syndrome’.

The test, called the Clance Imposter Phenomenon Test , was developed by Nickolas Means, a developer based in Texas.

It includes 20 statements and asks you to select the answer that best indicates how true the statement is of you.

Examples include ‘I avoid evaluations if possible and have a dread of others evaluating me’, and ‘I’m afraid people important to me may find out that I’m not as capable as they think I am.’

  • What is impostor syndrome? The illness you've probably suffered from without ever realising it

Based on your answers, you’ll then be given a score from 0-100, with 0 indicating you have no Impostor Syndrome, and 100 an intense feeling of impostorism.

The test has been circulating on social media this week, with many people surprised by their results.

One user tweeted: “I don't know about the validity of this test, it seems to be making broad generalisations. Still I definitely do feel this quite often and have talked to people about it. Whether it's as dramatic as the results make it seem, I don't know.”

Another added: “Ok so I did the #impostersyndrome test because why not. Expected it to be bad…not this bad though.”

And one joked: “I can't help thinking I should have done better at this #impostersyndrome test.”

If you scored highly on the test, thankfully you’re not alone – previous studies have found that over 70% people experience Impostor Syndrome at some point in their careers!

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