‘Time traveller’ releases ‘classified’ audio of divers finding ‘monster’ in 2023

A self-proclaimed "time traveller" who bizarrely believes he is from the year 2582 has given a drastic warning that an incredible discovery will be made in the ocean in just two years time.

TikToker @timetraveler2582 has racked up thousands of followers for his bonkers predictions of what will happen in the future.

In a recent clip, he claims a huge discovery will be made in 2023 which will be kept a "secret" to humankind.

The time traveller states humans are striving to find out what is out there in the realms of space exploration but we should focus our efforts closer to home – inside the Earth's core.

He claims that we should be "worried" by what "evolves down there" in a new video.

He writes: "What you are about to see in this video is classified audio kept secret by NOAA since 2023.

"People always wonder about deep space. But people should be worried by what evolves down there, closer to the Earth core."

The NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) is a US agency that focuses on the atmosphere, conditions of the oceans and waterways.

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The video shows someone deep dive into the ocean, plunging down into vast dark depths beneath the water's surface.

He goes on to say that on a particular January day in 2023, a "secret mission" will uncover a terrifying creature.

He states: "On January 26, 2023, a NOAA scientist will be sent on a secret mission.

"They have found a huge 'anormal' hole underwater in the Arctic Ocean."

Scientists, he claims, will use specialised equipment to record a sound never-before-heard which won't be released to the public to avoid widespread panic.

Boffins will supposedly scratch their heads as to where the sound is coming from but will investigate whether it's coming from underneath the ocean and if the core of the Earth is "hollow".

To back up his completely unsubstantiated claims, the man plays an audio recording of the discovery. The intense sound – which sounds like any other noise from underwater – is deep and rumbles in the clip.

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In the caption, the uploader wrote "#ocean #monster" to suggest that is what the so-called scientists believe the sound is.

Viewers took to the comments to discuss the 'discovery'.

A fan wrote: "I believe that I believe you. Thanks for the warning and alerting us."

A second penned another theory: "But there are aliens that live in the hole as well."

After the time traveller issued the grave warning to his followers, not all were convinced.

One joked: "Time travelled all this way with all that technology and you're using TikTok to communicate."

Another said: "First of all if it's a secret mission from the Government nobody would know about it, also this sound is literally on YouTube and has been for years."

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