Tinder debuts Festival Mode to help users hook up at music festivals

Tinder launches Festival Mode to help users hook up with other fans at music gatherings

  • Tinder’s Festival Mode helps users find love at events in the US, UK and Australia
  • It adds a unique badge to a profile to indicate which festival they’re attending
  • Comes after Tinder rolled out Spring Break Mode for college students in March 

Tinder wants to help you snag a summer fling at music festivals. 

The dating app has launched ‘Festival Mode,’ which lets users connect with others who are attending the same festivals in the U.S., U.K. and Australia, including Electric Daisy Carnival, Bonnaroo, All Points East and Parklife. 

Festival Mode operates similarly to Spring Break Mode, launched earlier this year, by letting users attach a unique badge to their profile that indicates which music festival they’re heading to. 

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Tinder has launched ‘Festival Mode,’ which lets users connect with others who are attending the same festivals in the U.S., U.K. and Australia, including Bonnaroo and All Points East


  • Electric Daisy Carnival, Las Vegas (May 17)
  • Hangout Music Fest, Gulf Shores, Alabama (May 17)
  • All Points East, London (May 24)
  • Governors Ball, New York City (May 31)
  • Parklife, Manchester, UK (June 8)
  • Bonnaroo, Manchester, TN (June 13)
  • Firefly, Dover, DE (June 20)
  • Barclaycard presents British Summer Time Hyde Park, London (July 5)
  • Lovebox, London (July 12)
  • Faster Horses, Brooklyn, MI (July 19)
  • Hard Summer Music Festival, Fontana, CA (August 2)
  • Electric Daisy Carnival, Orlando (November 9)

Festival Mode goes live for all users starting today, according to the company. 

The app will surface matches from users who are attending the same festival first and will also include profiles from all over world, regardless of the user’s location preferences.  

Users can connect with other fans attending the same festival up to three weeks before the festival starts. 

Tinder said it decided to roll out the feature after seeing a surge in user activity when popular music festivals were taking place. 

For example, Tinder app registrations spiked ‘by up to 36 times’ during the Lovebox festival in London, while app activity increased 25 percent during the British Summer Time festival in London and up to 300 times the usual traffic during the Bonnaroo music festival in Manchester, Tennessee. 

‘It’s no secret that Tinder is a must-have app for singles attending music festivals around the world,’ Jenny Campbell, Tinder’s chief marketing officer, said in a statement.

‘We consistently see a spike in Tinder use as tens of thousands of music fans come together, so we wanted to create a new experience that makes it easier to connect with other concert-goers before even setting foot on festival grounds.’

The launch of Festival Mode follows Tinder’s debut of Spring Break Mode, which lets users post where they’re going for vacation and connect with potential matches that are going there too.

Among the destinations included were Cabo, Lake Havasu, Las Vegas, Miami, New Orleans, Puerto Rico, Puerto Vallarta and San Diego, in addition to others. 

Spring Break Mode was marketed toward users of Tinder U, the company’s app experience for college students.    


Tinder U is a students-only version of the popular dating app and is only be available to college students at four-year, accredited, not-for-profit universities in the US.

The company launched Tinder U last August. 

Students can use the app for more than just dating, with the ability to find new friends, study buddies and more.  

The app looks almost exactly the same as the regular version of Tinder, but it now shows a badge associated with your university at the top of your profile image. 

Tinder is launching a students only version of its popular dating app. Called ‘Tinder U,’ the app will be available to students at four-year, accredited, not-for-profit universities in the US

Additionally, in order to log in, users must have a .edu email address and be located on campus when they sign up. 

After users restart the app, they’ll be logged into Tinder U. From there, users can swipe as they normally would through romantic prospects.  

If users want to view profiles from people outside their university, Tinder noted that the app allows them to swipe on students from nearby schools.  

For example, a student at New York University might also be able to see profiles from Columbia University, Fordham University and others.  

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