‘Truck-sized’ UFO seen hovering in the sky for over an hour above Arizona desert

A couple have convinced they have captured a UFO floating in the skies above the Arizona desert in broad daylight.

Kristian Noel, 50, and Kelly Dees, 49, were on a road trip to San Diego in California, US, when they filmed the strange sight yesterday (March 15).

The crystal-clear footage captures the object hovering high in the sky above the mountainous landscape.

It seems completely motionless and Kelly claims it “hasn’t moved for an hour”.

The couple said they saw the object as they drove into the town of Gila Bend in Maricopa County, Arizona, and watched it all the way to the town of Yuma – some 116 miles away.

A close-up snap of the so-called UFO suggests it could be a blimp, but Kristian had other ideas.

The cable TV lineman from Scottsdale in Arizona believed the flying object was extraterrestrial in nature and was too big to be a drone.

“It didn't move like a helicopter or an airplane would,” he said. “It just stayed stationary in the sky, high above the mountains.

“It was too far away, too high up and too large to be a drone. It was probably the size of a truck up in the sky.”

The duo were not afraid of the mystery object, joking it was “too far away” to beam them up.

Kristian added that the state of Arizona and nearby Nevada are “notorious for UFO sightings”.

The Phoenix Lights – one of the most famous UFO encounters in history – occurred in the region in 1997.

Thousands of people spotted UFOs in a 300-mile radius from Nevada, through Phoenix, to the edge of Tucson over a two-hour period.

And just last month, the conspiracy world was sent into a frenzy after an American Airlines pilot reported an encounter with a UFO during a flight to Phoenix.

The pilot radioed that an unidentified object flew over the passenger jet and described it as a long cylindrical object that looked like a cruise missile.

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