UFO expert calls on ‘extraterrestrial actors’ to audition for new alien drama

A UFO expert has called on "extraterrestrial actors" to audition for alien parts in his newly published plays.

John Steiger, 61, reckons intelligent life is listening to our every move on Earth and hopes they’ll see his message in the Daily Star and apply for a job.

He called on alien theatre companies to produce his playscripts – which are dramatisations of real-life UFO mysteries such as the Roswell Incident.

John said: “They would have to audition just like everyone else.

“And given my faith in human thespians, they’re going to have a tough time winning any role.

“Intelligent alien life might be listening or monitoring us, although admittedly I have no way of knowing the extent to which it is or is not occurring.

“I fear though that my plays are not at the top of the list of alien concerns about human activities here on Earth.

“All comers welcome – the more the merrier! All’s fair in love and… the theatre.”

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His three plays include stories about a courtroom jury deciding whether the infamous 1947 Roswell UFO crash was faked.

They also have an inquiry into the 1980 incident in RAF woodbridge in Suffolk and an alleged alien abduction on the Brooklyn Bridge.

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John, of Woodbridge, Virginia, US, said: “It’s taken me 38 years to become published, so I am quite proud of THE UFO TRILOGY: Dramas for the Stage coming to publication.

“I really don’t have ideal actors for any of the roles nor have imagined famous folk therein.

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“Almost all of the roles in all three plays are based on historic, true-life characters.

“While it’s anyone’s guess what the future may hold, I do believe humanity has encountered intelligent alien life already.”

The scripts were published in British UFO expert Philip Mantle’s Flying Disc Press yesterday.

He said: “We have already had interest from Scandinavia and Germany and were it not for the Covid 19 pandemic these plays, or one of them at least, might have already been in production.”

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