UFO hunter finds ‘alien base on MARS with underground tunnel’ in NASA photo

The alleged alien hideout was captured by NASA’s 2001 Mars Odyssey Mission near Olympus Mons – the largest known volcano in the solar system. 

Two rocky structures are visible in the bottom right corner of the baffling photo, taken while NASA was monitoring volcanic run-offs.  

UFO expert Scott C Waring shared the image on conspiracy blog UFO Sightings Daily. 

He said: “The thing that really stands out is the square structure with a tunnel connecting to a pyramid area.

“This is just one of hundreds of buildings I have reported in NASA photos”

UFO hunter Scott C Waring

But NASA has since clarified that the image is merely a result of volcanic activity. 

The US space agency said: “While some images have helped answer questions about the history of Mars, many have raised new questions that are still being investigated as Odyssey continues collecting data as it orbits Mars.

“This image was collected June 2, 2002, during early northern spring.

“The relative timing of volcanic flows from Olympus Mons and the formation of the structural feature can be deduced by which flows are cut by the fracture and which flows fill and cross the fracture.”

Last month, another conspiracist claimed to have spotted a human-like statue on the Red planet.

Keen-eyed alien hunters were examining snaps taken by the space agency’s robot Opportunity.

In one shot, a dark object is visible along the slopes of one of Mars’ craters. 

Truthers believe it is a statue and point to a supposed long arm, a bulky chest and two “leg fragments”.

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