UFO sighting: Claim ’still burning spacecraft’ falls on Dominican Republic – ‘100% alien’

A remarkable clip uploaded to social media this week supposedly shows the still-smoking remains of a crashed UFO. Amateur smartphone footage shot at the scene apparently depicts some sort of engine.

The incident, which reportedly took place in the Caribbean nation of the Dominican Republic on Monday, shows stunned locals excitedly examining the debris.

It is 100 percent alien technology

Scott Waring

Self-styled alien expert Scott Waring is among the minority who controversially feels this short video has documented the remains of an alien UFO.

Mr Waring took to his UFO Sightings Daily site to speculate about his so-called alien engine.

He said: “Wow, this thing is huge and is still burning.

“Look at that fire in the opening as you watch the video.

“It [is] just amazing that this thing didn’t kill someone when it fell.

“Notice the corned [sic] all around it had caught on fire and the people had put it out.”

However, Mr Waring – to his credit – does at least briefly entertain the distinct possibility this object actually is a rocket part.

He said: “There is a high probability [it is man-made], but if so, why didn’t NASA or some other agency warn the public in that area of the world?

“Because there was no warning […] I believe there is a big probability of this being alien technology.

“If this was from one of the SpaceX rockets […] Elon Musk would have warned people in that area of the world.

“Elon would not just ignore something that big and dangerous to harm someone.

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“So it can’t be SpaceX. So is it a rocket part?

“If so, which country is responsible for it? If not then it is 100 percent alien technology.”

However, due to the total lack of evidence to indicate otherwise, this hunk of metal was without question built by human hands.

Due to the startling nature of the video, the clip quickly generated much comment online.

Instagram users evgeniy.lavrov, said: “I think they made it out of iron.”

Fellow user Jassetts, also appeared unconvinced by the claims, writing: “Looks like an engine part from an airliner.”

And Theancientone added a perceptive question: “They are saying it’s from space and anything is possible.

“My question is, wouldn’t an object of that size create a large crater from impact?”

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