UFO sighting: Giant ‘angelic’ UFO spotted ‘feeding’ on the Sun by NASA satellite – claim

The supposed alien UFO was seen on the Helioviewer website, which combines views of the Sun from NASA, European and Japanese spacecraft. A prominent conspiracy theorist has claimed the UFO was caught in a timelapse of images tracking an eruption of material from the Sun. For a split second, an object eerily resembling a stingray or manta ray in shape appears to the right of the Sun.

And although this object is very likely an artefact on the image, UFO hunters believe this could be the real deal.

Self-appointed ET expert Scott C Waring of UFO Sightings Daily is certain this could be an alien spacecraft feeding on the Sun.

Mr Waring shared his outlandish theories to his blog as well as on YouTube, where his followers praised his latest discovery.

The UFO hunter said: “I found an angelic UFO shooting past our Sun this week.

“A solar explosion began on the right side of our sun and this alien craft also noticed it, because it shot straight for it at incredible speed.

“The craft must be feeding off of the solar matter in order to survive.

“Yes you heard me right, this object might be a living animal. Huge of course, but living and needs food.”

Mr Waring went on to claim it could also be an alien-built spaceship harvesting material from the Sun.

He added: “So many things right here in our own solar system happening involving other life forms.

I found an angelic UFO shooting past our Sun this week

Scott Waring, UFO Sightings Daily

“We need NASA to stop hiding the truth and start telling us the truth.”

Many of Mr Waring’s supporters agreed with him, sharing their own interpretations of what the mystery object could be.

One person said: “Oh woaw Scott what a discovery! It’s a giant space manta ray! You made the discovery of the century!”

And another person said: “Who knows what’s going on out there. We definitely are not alone.

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“Those entities are so much more advanced than us we are cavemen to them.

“A good chance they could be 100,000 years more advanced than us maybe more.”

However, not everyone was convinced by the bizarre theories, as one person said: “Look at the size of it! It’s obviously an artefact of the video process or something else.

“Putting this up as credible does undermine the rest of what you do which I think is very good.”

And that is the most likely explanation for what the image is: an artefact caused by a software glitch or hardware defect.

Cosmic rays pummeling probes like NASA’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) can also create many spots and streaks on the images.

A SOHO scientist said: “There are defects which appear in the cameras from time to time, sometimes temporary and sometimes permanent.

“I remember seeing a web site which claimed that strange lights were hovering over the lower left limb of the Sun in EIT images, and thought to myself, ‘You only just noticed that?’.

“Those defects have been around forever, and were seen in the lab even before SOHO was launched.”

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