UFO sighting: NASA conspiracy claim as space station camera ‘tried to hide alien craft’

Remarkable new film footage has emerged from US space agency NASA which some purport depicts the arrival of a UFO travelling towards the ISS. The object in question appears white and vaguely rectangular in shape as it emerges over the horizon on the 80 second clip.

But what has intrigued alien life conspiracies is how the camera live streaming the arrival of Soyuz capsule from the ISS is how it scans to the right as the object nears.

There was a UFO following the Soyuz space capsule all the the way to the space station!

Scott Waring

UFO Sightings Daily blogger Scott Waring is among the small minority who suggest this is evidence of a UFO conspiracy theory by space agency NASA

He wrote: “When the Russian Soyuz capsule docked with the space station, just seconds later a oval white UFO appeared on the NASA live cam.

“The UFO is visible for a full 20 seconds before the cameraman notices it too and shrinks the view by zooming-in on the Soyuz capsule.

“This object is coming from Earth’s atmosphere.

“There was a UFO following the Soyuz space capsule all the the way to the space station!

“Talk about the neighbourhood welcome wagon.”

“I wonder what those astronauts aboard the Soyuz thought the moment they first laid eyes on that UFO following them.

“See, the proof is in the pudding, meaning, the video is coming from NASA and cannot be disputed.

“It was caught by accident and even the camera person tried to hide it.

“This is 100 percent proof that NASA knows and hides UFOs from the public view.”

The highly-controversial site’s YouTube channel quickly gathered several comments concerning the questionable incident.

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Viewer Dutch Van Der Linde wrote: “Funny how they zoomed after seeing the UFO, and people say ufos don’t exist, bunch of idiots.

And fellow viewer DoubleMM70 agreed, commenting: “It’s very annoying that they do this to the public.

“Just acknowledge they are seeing things in space. Geez!”

However, the picture quality is so pixelated and the object so distant, it is clearly simply wishful thinking to claim it is alien in origin.

The apparent anomaly is almost certainly in fact just some space junk in orbit over Earth.

Space junk is ever-more worrying phenomenon, with a Russian satellite and a Chinese rocket narrowly missing each other 600 miles (960km) above Earth only this morning.

Estimates put their relative speeds at approximately 17,000mph and experts warned an impact would have scattered thousands of pieces of space debris into orbit.

The dead military satellite and rocket stage were expected to pass within 12 metres (40ft) of each other.

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