UK’s most violent lag Charles Bronson pens chilling threat before parole hearing

Britain's most dangerous prisoner Charles Bronson has penned what could be read as a chilling threat ahead of his public parole hearing.

Bronson, 69, has been given hope of being let out of his cell for good after the Parole Board of England and Wales announced a public hearing into whether the pensioner should be set free.

His parole hearing in 2023 will take place more than 23 years after being handed a discretionary life sentence.

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The frequently violent inmate who now goes by the name of Charles Salvador, could be set to roam free in public shortly after he turns 70 in December.

Having already had seven parole reviews denied, Parole Board chair Caroline Corby said Bronson’s next one could be done in public and shown on British television in what would be a landmark event.

Anyone who has crossed Bronson in the past may be hoping he remains behind bars at HMP Woodhill, Bucks, after reading a letter shared with The Sun.

Writing to a fan named Connor, Bronson scrawls largely in capital letters: "First thing is a double bubble proper English fry-up." He even adds a smiley face with tongue sticking out.

The letter which includes the convict's own logo, continued: “Then go collecting whats owing me from all the parasites that have sucked off me for 4 decades.

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“Should be fun! Be lucky. Charles Salvador.”

He also left some words of advice on the outside of the envelope which enclosed the letter. It cryptically said: “Never walk backwards into a bears cave eating a Big Mac!”

The criminal has recently admitted to wanting to live as a free man in Devon.

If he is released, it would not be the first time he has had a chance of freedom, having quickly been restored to prison for new offences and plots each time.

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Bronson was first arrested as a petty criminal in 1974 and was sentenced to seven years in prison for armed robbery.

Yet it was Bronson’s violent behaviour behind bars that really did it for him in terms of racking up the years spent in the jailhouse.

Soon after being sent down, he set a personal precedent for dishing out beatings by attacking a fellow prisoner which led to the first of several sentence extensions.


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