What happens when you die: ‘I became one with the Universe’

What happens to the conscience when we die is a hotly contested matter of debate. Some people believe it just vanishes along with our body, while others believe it ascends to a heavenly realm. However, one man believes he has the answer.

A person by the name of Joe believes that when we die, our conscience becomes one with the Universe, with our minds joining the grand picture.

Joe believes this after temporarily dying following a seizure.

Before he could be resuscitated, Joe believes he saw what the afterlife has to offer.

He explained on the Near Death Experience Research Foundation: “I was sucked into the Universe, which from my point of view, was within/ inside me.

“Everything in the Universe was me. I felt every atom, every particle. Consciousness was universal.

“Something happened to time which I cannot describe.

“Then I heard the voice, ‘This is peace; this is love; this is truth. You know what this is. You have been here before. You will be here again. Accept it, and let yourself enter it. It is time to come back.’

“It wasn’t necessarily verbal communication, but more of another sense, one that we do not have when we are alive.

“In this experience, I saw that this life is extremely short. Life and Death had new meanings.

“Life was suffering, and Death was pure pleasure. I did not want to come back to life, I was afraid of it, like someone is afraid of death.

“I despised life; it was removed from the truth, the love, the peace, and the pleasure. Life meant Death to me. Death meant everything good.”

Exactly what consciousness is remains a mystery to scientists, with researchers struggling to pin down exactly what it is.

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According to some well-respected scientists, quantum mechanics allows consciousness to live on following the body’s eventual demise.

Dr Robert Lanza coined the phrase ‘biocentrism’ which is a theory that the consciousness is released into the universe through sub-atomic particles after death.

One physicist and mathematician believes our consciousness, or soul, reconnects with the “greater infinite identity” after death.

Former University of Oxford professor Peter Russell, author of The Global Brain, told Conscious Lifestyle Mag: “It would seem that one way of understanding it is that the individual consciousness is dissolving back into the infinite consciousness.

“The consciousness that I experience has this individual limitation because it is functioning in the world through my body, through my nervous system, through my eyes and ears.

“That’s where our sense of being a unique individual comes from. When we begin to die and let go of our attachment to the body, consciousness lets go of that identity which it gained from its worldly functioning and reconnects with a greater infinite identity.

“Those who’ve had near-death experiences often report there seems to be this dissolving of the senses, and a moving into light.

“Everything becomes light after death.”

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