Wild NASA conspiracy erupts as people claim they can ‘see wires in astronauts’

NASA astronauts have never really gone to space and the evidence is right under our noses in “faked” ISS videos, a conspiracy theorist had wildly claimed.

In a Youtube video titled “Liar Liar Pants on WIRES”, it is claimed that the low gravity environment in space – which causes astronauts to float – is faked.

The nutty suspicion is built around the idea that astronauts are actually using wires to trick people, much like how a magician or stage production would create the illusion of flying.

In the video, which analyses various clips from space made by NASA, the Youtuber claims that one astronaut does a backflip "without kicking off the floor".

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"He's not kicking off anything to initiate the flip", the video-maker claims in a caption.

Although the video was made back in March, it has recently exploded on the conspiracy pages of Reddit.

Believers have left a flurry of comments supporting the bizarre theory.

A Reddit user said: “If true, that’s wild.

“I did see that guy in the USMC shirt grab what appeared to be a hidden wire or cable behind the guy doing the flip next to him.

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“Seems like they’re doing a David Copperfield routine combined with video compositing.”

“Are they using augmented reality double video layering?" another person questioned.

“There were a ton of these videos on YouTube but they were mostly all removed to protect us from the truth,” a third conspiracy theorist claimed.

However, a skeptic poured cold water on the theory and claimed there was no way the thousands of people working for the world’s space agencies could keep a lid on the same secret.

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They wrote: “You realise that ~15 countries participate in the ISS.

"Including Russia.

“I really don't see how the US and Russia are going to cooperate with a lie like this.

“And all of the companies and countries that send resupply missions to the ISS. I suppose all of them are lying too. And for what reason? Money?

“NASA doesn't have a big budget compared to how much we spend on defence.

“Also, not a single whistleblower since the program’s inception.

“When it involves thousands of people and multiple countries.”

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