Woman’s ‘stomach turns’ after noticing ‘ghost’ watching her in abandoned asylum

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Haunting footage has captured a ghostly figure staring at an explorer as she walked through the eerie corridors of a derelict mental hospital.

Kayleigh Love only noticed the “paranormal” entity when she re-watched the video of her visit to the abandoned asylum in Wales back in September 2020.

The clip shows Kayleigh stepping into a bathroom before moving down the white corridor, which is covered in graffiti and debris.

For a split second, around the nine-second mark in her video, a figure seems to appear in the doorway at the end of the corridor.

It appears to be dressed in white with long black hair and staring directly at her.

Unaware she is being “watched”, Kayleigh continues her tour and when the camera pans back to the spot the figure was standing, it has disappeared.

The 27-year-old, who conducts paranormal investigations for her YouTube channel, Love To Investigate, said her “stomach turned” when she looked back at the footage.

She declined to name the facility she visited, but her description matches that of the Mid-Wales Hospital, a psychiatric hospital in Talgarth, Powys, that opened in 1903 and closed in 1999.

“Even when I had to edit the footage later on to slow it down so others can get a good look at her, it made me feel on edge and uneasy,” she explained.

Kayleigh is now convinced the figure was the ghost of a “patient still trapped” at the hospital.

“I feel her story needs to be told and maybe this is her way of reaching out in order to cross over and escape this asylum,” she continued.

“Watching the footage back now it still frightens me to think that we were that close to her and it almost seems as if she’s actually walking towards us.

Kayleigh, from Swansea, said her footage had even left some sceptics scratching their heads.

“A few sceptics that I know are completely baffled by this evidence and can’t offer an explanation,” she said.

“A few others have made remarks that go as far as to accuse me of having a friend dress up.

“All I can say is: if this evidence of a spirit is good enough to come across as a real-life living person, then I have hit the jackpot as far as paranormal evidence is concerned.

“And it’s after only investigating and exploring for five months – people do this for years and don’t gather much evidence.”

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