More women are concerned about cyberbullying than men

Talk about macho men.

A group called ReportLinker conducted a study of cyberbullying that found 45 percent of young women were very concerned about being attacked on social media while 38 percent of young men say they are not concerned at all. (Maybe that’s because they are the ones doing the bullying.)

In case you want to be cyberbullied or want to do it to others, you should know that 24 percent said it occurred most in text messages, 23 percent on Facebook, 21 percent on Instagram, 21 percent on Twitter and 10 percent on Snapchat.

Thirty-eight percent of people have already been the victim of cyber­bullying. It’s a nearly even split between racist and sexist comments (at 35 percent and 34 percent, respectively) with revenge porn coming in at 23 percent.


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