Young musician’s body was found inside chimney in unsolved mystery

When 18-year-old Joshua Maddux left his home in Woodland Park, Colorado, to go for a walk, his family had no idea that would be the last time they ever saw him.

Maddux's Dad, Michel, reported him missing after five days and the community searched for him everywhere they could think of.

Michel said the family searched for him for years. Even after his divorce, he kept the family home in case Maddux returned.

There were one theory that he might have ran away to start a new life: he was described as a free spirit, and he was a keen guitarist; maybe he'd left home for a nomadic life as a musician?

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He remained missing for seven years, until his body was found in the chimney of an abandoned cabin less than a mile from his home in 2015.

His remains were found when contractors were tearing down the cabin, which had been an abandoned storage facility for years. He was found with his legs above his head, in the foetal position, with no broken bones, injuries or drugs in his system, according to reports.

It led those who knew him to wonder – why was he there?

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His death was ruled accidental as there were no signs of trauma on his 6ft body, but people have been intrigued ever since by unanswered questions. And some think it must have been murder.

The cabin's owner, Chuck Murphy, believed Maddux couldn't have climbed down the chimney. He said there was no reason to look in the fireplace as it was hidden behind some furniture. He said the house was damp and full of racoon faeces.

One theory was that he tried to climb down the chimney and got stuck, others say someone stuffed his body in there. Those who suspect foul play point out that Maddux's clothes, aside from the shirt he was found in, were inside the cabin, folded neatly at the fireplace.

Police received tips of someone they suspected to be involved, and who they say bragged about killing Maddux. Andrew Richard Newman was later taken into custody and found to be liked to several other crimes, including a stabbing. Maddux's theories about Newman were dismissed by police.

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