Aaron Judge’s pain hasn’t gone away in worrying Yankees sign

Aaron Judge worked up a full sweat Wednesday afternoon in The Bronx, running the bases and taking fly balls in right field. But his bat remained untouched.

The Yankees outfielder is in a holding pattern, still not swinging because of a lingering pain from a fractured bone in his right wrist, and his rehab process is taking longer than the club originally believed it would.

“It’s what we expected and healing properly,” manager Aaron Boone said. “Just probably going a tick slower than we had hoped is all. But no, it’s moving in the right direction.”

The night Judge was hit by a pitch that caused the injury, the Yankees estimated a three-week time period before Judge could swing a bat in a game situation. Thursday marks three weeks exactly, and Judge still has not picked up a bat, game situation or not.

“Nothing yet,” Judge told The Post after his on-field workout. “It was good to run the bases and do some outfield stuff and hopefully start swinging a bat here pretty soon.”

Judge also made some light throws to a bucket near him in the outfield, but said it wasn’t full effort because that’s one of the motions that causes pain.

“I haven’t really done any motions of trying to extend it out because that’s the motion that gets me — when I full extend like that, it kind of bothers my wrist,” Judge said, motioning a follow-through with his wrist on a throw. “Just a sharp pain whenever I flex the wrist like that.”

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