Arsenal legend Tony Adams smashes ball straight into fans on Soccer AM

TONY ADAMS and a Soccer AM fan were left with red faces for opposite reasons – after the Arsenal legend spectacularly cocked up a free-kick.

Ex-England defender Adams smashed the ball straight into the lad's head – when he was supposed to be showing how to curve the ball round a wall with the outside of your foot.

Adams and SKY TV's ex-Fulham midfielder Jimmy Bullard doubled up with hysterics despite the supporter staggering off, clutching his head with both hands.

The rest of the crowd roared with amusement too.

But they all could see the fan was reeling with surprise rather than pain.

And commentators were reassured further after checking if the youngster was fine.

They even joked he was wearing a helmet – as protection against Adams, a 52-year-old who was a no-nonsense centre-back.

So really only 66-cap Adams should be ashamed of himself – for such a dreadful demonstration of a free-kick.

Attempting the unusual skill of curling the ball around the left side of a wall with his right foot, Adams threw in a different type of curve ball.

He smacked it into the first man… not of the wall but of spectators gathered on the inside of the boardings.

The best that can be said of the effort is that Adams got it roughly in the right direction – a yard or so wide of the wall.

But there was little evidence of any inward curl.

And the ball might well have gone onto miss the net by the width of a goal.

In fact, Adams was as wide of the mark as comments he made last month seemed at first.

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Despite skippering his only club Arsenal for most of his nine years there, he claimed the Gunners were now like "an ex-wife" to whom he is "not attached anymore – mentally, emotionally or physically".

But having fought alcoholism through most of his playing days, Adams now helps others battle their addictions and has been sober for 23 years.

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