Cristiano Ronaldo’s rape accuser’s lawyers request evidence of possible crimes from Manchester Police and Scotland Yard

Eighteen different law enforcement agencies from around the world have been asked to make inquiries in several countries.

Mr Stovall's lawyer warned: "We have asked these law enforcement agencies to determine whether Cristiano Ronaldo and any individuals and organisations associated with him have violated any laws within their jurisdiction based upon the information contained within the 'Football Leaks' documents."

He was referring to documents about Ronaldo that his legal team say were stolen by hackers then published by the Football Leaks website and German magazine Der Spiegel.

The organisations her team have contacted across Spain, Portugal, Italy, Britain, the US and Sri Lanka include Greater Manchester Police and Scotland Yard, Publico reports.

Another lawyer for Kathryn Mayorga has asked Ronaldo's defence team to hand over all documents they hold on the case.

This comes after Peter Christiansen, who is defending the Juventus star, declared some of the documents involved in the case had been stolen from the law firm by a hacker and tampered with.

Late last week Mayorga's lawyers were also calling for a woman who claimed she was sexually assaulted by Ronaldo in London to get in touch.

The five-time Ballon D’or winner, 33, was arrested on suspicion of rape in the capital back in 2005, but never charged.

Yesterday Leslie Stovall, who is representing Ronaldo’s alleged victim Kathryn Mayorga, told The Sun he wanted any other potential accusers to make contact with him.

His call came as Juventus said the claims do not alter their view of the Portuguese icon as a “great champion”. But sponsor Nike said it is “closely monitoring” the situation.

Speaking after threatening to make a cache of evidence in the case public, Mr Stovall said: “I’m only aware of one person in England who alleged sexual assault. I would love to speak to that woman. I would be interested in identifying and contacting them.”

Ronaldo, then 20 and at Manchester United, was accused of raping a French-African woman at the Sanderson Hotel, central London, in 2005.

Seven weeks later, the CPS ruled there was not enough evidence to charge him.

A second woman had claimed she was assaulted the same night by Ronaldo and his cousin but withdrew her allegations.

Ronaldo is now facing being quizzed by cops in Las Vegas over the alleged rape of former model Kathryn, 33, at the Palm Casino Resort in 2009.

Mr Stovall said it “may be beneficial” to release a trove of documents his team has gathered from the Football Leaks whistleblowers.

They allegedly include exchanges between Ronaldo and his lawyers in which he appears to admit Kathryn said “no” and “stop”  during an assault.

Her lawyers want a £287,000 settlement agreed with the star in 2010 ripped up — and have issued a summons which gives him 20 days to respond.

Ronaldo vehemently denies rape, calling it “an abominable crime that goes against everything I am and believe in”.

He said: “I firmly deny the accusations being issued against me."

He continued: “Rape is an abominable crime that goes against everything that I am and believe in.

“Keen as I may be to clear my name, I refuse to feed the media spectacle created by people seeking to promote themselves at my expense.

“My clear conscious will thereby allow me to await with tranquillity the results of any and all investigations.”

The Portuguese star had previously rubbished Ms Mayorga’s rape claims as “fake, fake news” in an Instagram video, adding: “They want to be famous to say my name.”

Mr Stovall then responded: “Physical evidence, answers to written questions and the circumstances surrounding the purported agreement are not ‘fake news’.”

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department confirmed earlier this week that it had re-opened the 2009 rape investigation into Ronaldo.

It came after former model and teacher Ms Mayorga, 34, claimed that the former Red Devil’s ace assaulted her in a bedroom at the Palms Casino Resort in June 2009.

The pair had met at Rain nightclub at the Palms, where Ronaldo was staying on holiday.

According to documents filed at Clark County District Court, in Nevada, the footballer invited Ms Mayorga and a friend to his penthouse suite “to enjoy the view of the Las Vegas Strip”.

The court documents state that as she was changing clothes to go into his hot tub, Ronaldo entered the bathroom, exposed himself and asked her to perform a sex act.

He then assaulted her in a bedroom, the court papers claim.

According to the court documents the striker then turned Ms Mayorga on to her side and raped her, despite her screaming: “No, no, no!”

The papers claim Ronaldo left the bedroom after the assault “stating he was sorry, he was usually a gentleman”.

She later hired a lawyer and negotiated a £287,000 out-of-court settlement with Ronaldo in 2010.

But she is now seeking to overturn that settlement, which she says she only signed because she was “terrified of retaliation” from the goalscorer.

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