Denver Broncos: It’s Time To Move On From The Paxton Lynch Experiment

Paxton Lynch struggled mightily in the Broncos’ first preseason game and it might be time for the team to move on from him.

Paxton Lynch was at one point considered to be the quarterback of the future for the Denver Broncos after being drafted with the No. 26 overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft. It was a move that made fans excited about the future and gave them hope that they could be drafting the next Peyton Manning, as some went so far as to say.

Denver went out and signed veteran quarterback Case Keenum this offseason in free agency. It was a move that clearly showed that the franchise does not believe in Lynch. Perhaps it’s time to move on from the Lynch experience and try to salvage anything they can get in a trade.

Last season, Lynch ended up playing in two regular season games. He completed 66.7 percent of his pass attempts for 295 yards, two touchdowns, and three interceptions, according to ESPN stats. Those numbers are not awful for the amount of time he played, but the Broncos were frustrated with the consistency issues that he showed.

In his first preseason performance of the 2018 season against the Minnesota Vikings, Lynch ended up completing six of his 11 attempts for 24 yards, no touchdowns, and one interception.

Lynch has not shown a consistent ability to read NFL defenses. He has tried to force passes into tight windows which has resulted in a turnover issue in limited time. That is a major concern for the Broncos moving forward.

Another issue has been on the leadership front for Lynch. He has failed to take control of the offense when he has played. As an NFL quarterback, leadership is one of the most important qualities for any player to have.

Standing in at 6-foot-7 and 240 pounds, there is no question that Lynch has the physical tools to be a good player. He has the size to see over the line easily and does have solid arm strength. Lynch is also hard for opposing players to bring down when they are able to get to him.

That being said, his overall skill-set is lacking and it has been a major source of frustration. Keenum is going to be the starter in 2018 and time is running out for Lynch to prove that he can be an NFL starter. If he continues struggling over the next couple of preseason games, the Broncos need to begin shopping him in trade talks.

If another team offers them a late-round pick, it would not be shocking to see Elway pull the trigger on a trade.

Expect to see a lot of interest in Lynch’s performances over the next week or two. He truly might be playing for his future with the Broncos. Times have changed since he was viewed as their future at the quarterback position.

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