Do you know which clubs these England stars previously played for? It's MUCH harder than you'd think

Several of these were one-club players, and all but a handful had experience beyond the luxury end of modern football with all its money and privileges.

These days, with the leading sides chock-full of global talent, the England boss has to cast his net a little further.

And even those at the big clubs haven’t always had a smooth route to top. Some were rejected by major sides and moved on. Others were sent around smaller clubs to prove their ability.

In fact, members of the current squad have experience at EVERY level of club football, from the Champions League final all the way down to non-league.

Full credit to these guys. They’ve earned their stripes. Or Lions. Whatever.

But do you know where the current crop of England players have played? (And, for the avoidance of doubt, we're talking appearances for senior teams).

Test your knowledge with this quiz, right here…..

If you get a score of seven or more in this quiz, you’ve done good. You can walk away with your head held high.

Get full marks and you’re… Gareth Southgate? Actually, there’s no guarantee that he'd get ten.

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