Football fan faces ban for throwing a pie during game at Chelsea

Adam Cox, 27, was convicted in his absence of throwing a missile on to a football playing area at City of London magistrates court.

And after being handed a three-year banning order for a similar offence in 2012, he faces a lengthy suspension.

Cox was sat in the away end for the Carabao Cup quarter-final, which Chelsea won 1-0, in December.

Stamford Bridge steward Dominic Agbo said: “The football match was a sell-out, with approximately 40,000 supporters present. At around 8.05pm, I was posted to the South Stand upper, behind the goal.

“I saw the Bournemouth fan throw something (on to the pitch) between the corner flag and the goal. CCTV was reviewed and security saw the male.”

Cox initially admitted to the offence after being removed from the stand by police but later claimed it was just because he thought owning up would allow him to go home.

PC Kerry Jarrett added: “Initially I thought he was going to be dealt with by way of a community resolution, but he had already been the subject of a football banning order.

“Cox admitted he told stadium staff he threw the pie so he could just go home. He continued to say he already admitted it.

"But then he looked at the statement (written by PC Jarrett) and said I was writing lies, and he wouldn’t sign it. He started to get agitated.”

Cox failed to attend his previous court hearing at Westminster magistrates court last month.

Proceedings have begun to hand Cox a new football banning order which he will have to appear in court to contest.

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