Kevin McHale Doesn't Realize He's On Air, Calls Someone A "Dickhead"

TNT rolled right through a few quiet seconds of a dead-ball in the first half of Tuesday night’s Celtics-76ers game, leaving the Players Only broadcast crew to chat through what might normally be filled by a relevant chyron and/or the small-talk skills of a professional play-by-play announcer. It seems like the trio of Greg Anthony, Jim Jackson, and Kevin McHale failed to notice they were on the air, because the conversation went in an unexpected direction:


That is McHale calling some unnamed enemy a dickhead, loud and clear. Jimmy Butler and a 76ers trainer (or coach) are on the screen at the time, which raises the tantalizing possibility that Kevin McHale was calling Jimmy Butler—a dickhead—a dickhead, on the air. Sadly, if McHale was watching his feed closely enough to comment on what was on the screen, surely he would’ve noticed the broadcast was back on the air.

If you are the person who “used to get into it” with Kevin McHale, you should know that Jim Jackson and Greg Anthony enthusiastically agree that you are a dickhead.

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