Lakers Legend Kobe Bryant Discusses Rajon Rondo’s Impact On Lonzo Ball

NBA legend Kobe Bryant believes having an elite point guard like Rajon Rondo in the Los Angeles Lakers will be a great opportunity for Lonzo Ball.

Despite being a rookie, the Los Angeles Lakers entrusted Lonzo Ball to be their starting point guard last season. However, his role might change now that an All-Star point guard, Rajon Rondo, has joined their team. In the recent free agency, the Lakers signed Rondo to a one-year, $9 million contract.

Most people believe that the acquisition of Rajon Rondo will have a huge impact on Lonzo Ball. With the arrival of LeBron James in Los Angeles, the Lakers are no longer expected to prioritize the development of their young players. Having the best player on the planet on their side means that the Lakers should be ready to compete for the NBA championship title. If Ball will not show an impressive performance at the upcoming training camp, it is highly likely that he will lose the starting role to Rondo.

However, Lakers legend Kobe Bryant strongly believes that the presence of Rajon Rondo in Los Angeles is a great opportunity for Lonzo Ball. In an appearance on The Rich Eisen Show (h/t For The Win), Bryant said that Rondo can greatly help Ball in improving his performance on both ends of the floor.

“Rondo is a student of the game,” Bryant said. “How he studies the game is something he can learn from. Rondo will sit there and watch film for hours and hours and hours and will dissect and pick things apart to the smallest of detail. Also how he facilitates the game, how he reads things happening before they actually happen. How you can manipulate the defense to make things happen. And also defensively, he gets after you. So I think it’s great.”

What Kobe Bryant said is true. Lonzo Ball will definitely learn plenty of things from an elite point guard who has reached numerous milestones in his NBA career. Also, Rajon Rondo made it clear that he did not sign with the Lakers to steal the spotlight from Ball. Rondo expressed his willingness to help and make a huge sacrifice just to help the Lakers win games.

At this point in his career, the 32-year-old point guard is no longer interested in individual achievements. He is currently focusing on what they want to accomplish as a team. Though most people are doubting their capability to contend for the NBA title next season, Rondo said that the Lakers shouldn’t be underestimated since they have the man who went to the NBA Finals for eight consecutive years.

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