New Broncos punter in ugly run-in with Denver radio host

Beefs are nothing new at NFL training camps, but bad blood doesn’t typically spill over between players and the press.

Broncos punter Marquette King had to be escorted away from the press Sunday at training camp by the team’s public relations sector, following a weekend of bizarre exchanges between the former Raider and local radio hosts.

After briefly conversing Friday with Zach Bye and Brandon Stokley of Colorado’s 104.3 The Fan, King, 29, took to Twitter on Saturday, using two poignant emojis directed at the duo’s colleague, Darren McKee.

McKee chastised King over his lack of professionalism during the original Q&A that was reportedly cut short because King did not want to talk football.

“Little advice. Go to Brandon Stokely [sic] – who played for the broncos two different times, played in the league for 15 years, is in the Louisiana sports hall of fame, is a fantastic father and husband and apologize for an incredibly disrespectful and rude interview,” McKee tweeted Saturday.

“If you don’t want to be interviewed then simply don’t do it. If you DO decide to do an interview have a clue who you are talking to. Why don’t you ask DT about Stokely [sic] as you apparently have no idea who anybody is. Best of luck punting the ball in Denver. Somehow our show will survive without you,” he continued.

On Sunday, McKee tweeted that King approached him and said, “Keep my name out of your mouth,” before walking back to the building with the Broncos’ PR staff. King’s teammates have taken his side in the clash.

“Don’t let [McKee] rattle you,” wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders wrote to King on Twitter. “His sole purpose is to create controversy to gain a bigger following for his Twitter and radio show. ?? Don’t play into his hand. Some of the Denver media just want to divide and conquer. Stay focused on the task. Super Bowl!”

King signed a three-year, $7 million deal with Denver after being released by Oakland in April. Raiders head coach Jon Gruden reportedly clashed with King.

“The cool thing about the Broncos is the people that work at the Broncos encourage you to be yourself,” King said in April. “That is real cool. Players play a lot better when they can let their hair down and be themselves. It’s cool.”

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