New York-Based Mental Health Company Offers Free Therapy To Mets Fans

It’s not been an easy summer for the Queens faithful.

It’s been a long and difficult season for Mets fans, but one New York mental health provider is ready to help.

Amid one of the most soul-crushing seasons in recent history for the franchise, the New York online mental health marketplace UMA Health is offering free therapy sessions for fans of the basement-dwelling team. As the New York Daily News reported, the company is on a campaign to educate people about mental health and the importance of seeing a therapist.

The could be particularly important for Mets fans this year. Though the team may not be the worst in Major League Baseball, they are definitely one of the most disappointing after coming into the season with high hopes. The team even roared to an 11-1 start thanks to a torrid early part of April, but things have been miserable ever since. The Mets have been hit very hard by injuries and a number of key players who are enduring career-worst seasons, leaving fans with little hope that things could turn around this season or get much better in the future.

The sharp downturn for the team that reached the 2015 World Series has even led a number of sportswriters to take on team owners Fred and Jeff Wilpon, a pair known for their spendthrift ways. The Fansided blog Rising Apple noted that the owners — who lost hundreds of millions having to pay back ill-gotten gains working with Bernie Madoff — have put the team on a fast-track to nowhere.

“Their poor decisions, tightwad budgets, and small-market tactics have prevented the Mets from competing year after year,” the report noted. “There were many instances when the Mets could have contended if certain moves were made. Instead, a cheaper free agent or a scrap heap pickup occurred and those moves didn’t pan out.”

The situation has left many Mets fans depressed, and UMA Health is there to help. The company’s offer for free therapy for Mets fans has gotten some national attention, with features in a number of major sports outlets including Sports Illustrated. In that sense, the offer seems to be very successful, with plenty of free advertising for the company.

Any Mets fans looking to take UMA Health up on the offer for free therapy can fill out a form that the company offers, but as a trigger warning, it should be known that the form does ask applicants to share their “most difficult Mets moment.”

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