Newcastle star DeAndre Yedlin's Instagram hacked by pranksters who used it to abuse Olivier Giroud and Rafa Benitez

It’s been a week to forget for the American right-back, 24, who scored an own goal winner at the weekend in a 2-1 defeat to Chelsea.

Sinister pranksters littered his account with fake picture captions mocking manager Rafa Benitez.

They even posted a video of his own goal and called Olivier Giroud a "soppy c***".

Far from being anonymous, the hackers shared their own account name and urged people to follow them.

Furious Newcastle fans rallied to the player's defence and begged the hacktivists to leave.

They later deleted all of the images and added a post apologising.

It read: "We didn't mean any harm and just wanted some fun.

"Yedlin had a very easy password and I hope he can use something more secure next time.

"We are personally big football fans and for us to get into an account, it's like scoring in the Champions League final."

They signed off: "Thank you, Mess and Salv."

Fans slammed the hackers.

One posted: " This prank massively back fired and 99.9% of us here think you're both f****** idiots."

Another said: "Maybe just delete this post and be adults?"

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