Odell Beckham Jr. says he’s the victim of an extortion plot

Odell Beckham claims he’s the victim of an extortion plot by a greedy man who tried to shake him down for nearly $1 million — and accused him of trying to pay for sex — following a brutal beatdown, according to a report Monday.

The New York Giants star wide receiver filed a countersuit for civil extortion against Ishmael Temple, who claimed he was assaulted at the athlete’s Beverly Hills home last year, TMZ reported.

Beckham says Temple and his attorney Emmanuel Nsahlai threatened him to cough up a $999,999 settlement — or they’d leak damaging details to the press. That price eventually was lowered to $225,000, but the Pro-Bowler refused to pay.

“As one of the most famous athletes in the country, Mr. Beckham presents an enticing target for shakedown artists,” Beckham’s suit says. “Suffice it to say, Mr. Beckham refused to be extorted.”

In addition to the alleged assault, Nsahlai claimed last week that there’s “evidence” Beckham offered to illegally pay $1,000 to have sex with a woman.

Temple sued Beckham in March, claiming he nearly died when he was pummeled by Beckham’s personal chef and private security guard — and that the gridder did nothing to stop it.

Through his attorney, Beckham has denied all of the allegations.

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