Pep Guardiola vows to get tough with Man City slackers and says he's not afraid to axe stars

The Etihad chief is looking to become the first boss in a decade to retain the Prem League title.

And he will not be afraid to swing the axe if he sees players happy to rest on their success from last term.

He said: “I’ll try to repeat what we did at Barca and Bayern, be harder with my players.

"That’s the best way to describe it.

"After winning if they are, ‘ok, we’re really good’, that’s the moment we start to go down.

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“The guys who are good, we’ll say they  are good and if they are are bad, we are going to say they  are bad.

"I just prepare for the next game and I see the players are more sharp, ready to play.

“I don’t think about January or February. The best one is the next one.”

City had the title sewn up by mid-April,  but this time Pep will be happy if his team are still in the mix then.

He said: “I’ll be happy if we arrive at the end game being there, May or April being there.

“We cannot deny there are more contenders: Chelsea, United, Tottenham, they have excellent players.

“That’s why no team has done back-to-back in ten years.”

What he saw in the final weeks of last season gave him  optimism.

He said: “We won the league in advance yet there was only one game here against Huddersfield when we were so tired and didn’t play good.”

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