Reliving every Anthony Joshua knockout since his debut against Emmanuel Leo

Anthony Joshua’s knockout streak came to an end when he was taken the 12-round distance by Joseph Parker.

Joshua had stopped each of his previous 20 opponents but was forced to dig deep by the New Zealander in Cardiff.

Fans had had to wait a little longer for the stoppages in Joshua’s previous two bouts against Carlos Takam and Wladimir Klitschko which totalled 21 rounds.

With Joshua trying to line up a fight against fellow world champion, don’t bet against him returning to knockout best in his next fight.

Here, we recall Joshua’s knockouts, such as legendary Wembley super fight with Klitschko, or the sickening uppercut that ended Dillian Whyte against the ropes.

Carlos Takam (10th round) – 28/10/17

Despite a broken nose, AJ gets the tough Cameroonian out of there, but not without controversy: a thudding right lands behind a jab, but the referee jumps in despite the subsequent storm of four to five shots all failing to land on Takam, whose performance warranted more time.

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Wladimir Klitschko (11th) – 29/04/17

A late onslaught from nowhere after both men flirted with defeat in this now legendary fight, AJ’s right uppercut from hell started it and two knockdowns later, AJ pinned Wlad into the corner and let his hands go to force the ref to jump in.

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Eric Molina (3rd) – 10/12/16

A series of sickening left hooks force Molina to almost turn away and over the ropes for another routine win.

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Dominic Breazeale (7th) – 25/06/16

The surprisingly durable American riled AJ in the build-up and irritated him by hanging around, only to find the corner and take a big right uppercut and be sent to the canvas with a left hook.

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Charles Martin (2nd) – 09/04/16

AJ’s crowning moment against Prince Charles – the worst heavyweight champion of all time. The American was sat down after a beautiful straight right and then feigned outrage when he couldn’t beat the count.

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Dillian Whyte (7th) – 12/12/15

The most drama in AJ’s career to this point, as the Body Snatcher wobbled his rival, but a measured AJ switched on and eventually wiped out the Brixton fighter, leaving him in a heap against the ropes after his signature right uppercut.

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Gary Cornish (1st) – 12/09/15

Down once before and rocked again inside 90 seconds, Cornish half took a knee, though a short left touched, he beat the count but the referee waved the fight off.

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Kevin Johnson (2nd) – 30/05/15

King Pin was brought in to take AJ rounds, but quickly found himself against the ropes after a clean left landed with the ref soon rushing in to prevent him taking any more punishment.

Raphael Zumbano Love (2nd) – 09/05/15

The Brazilian was put flat on his back by heavy right hand in one of AJ’s more spectacular knockouts.

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Jason Gavern (3rd) – 04/04/15

Brought in to bring the "banter" with a catchphrase ("wooooooooo"), Gavern was way out of his depth and sank to his knees after tasting AJ’s power with the fight quickly waved off.

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Michael Sprott (1st) – 22/11/14

Pinned to the ropes and never allowed off them as AJ unleashed a series of hooks – a few snuck through after the ref stepped in too.

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Denis Bakhtov (2nd) – 11/10/14

Joshua detonated a few sickening right hands and despite Bakhtov remaining upright, he was quickly saved from further punishment.

Konstantin Airich (3rd) – 13/09/14

Like so many that would follow, Airich was stuck on the ropes and had his head snapped back by a short left hook that left him unable to reply and saved from further damage by the ref.

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Matt Skelton (2nd) – 12/07/14

Skelton crumbled quickly under AJ’s power and after one knockdown, his legs turned to jelly, stumbling across the ring to encourage a stoppage before AJ could land on his defenceless opponent.

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Matt Legg (1st) – 31/05/14

On the undercard of Froch vs Groves 2, AJ made light work of Legg, destroying him with a right uppercut.

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Hector Alfredo Avila (1st) – 01/03/14

A beautiful, short left hook caught Avila as he was coming in to end the contest.

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Dorian Darch (2nd) – 01/02/14

Caught by a cuffing left hook that staggered him across the ring and into the ropes before the ref jumped in to save him from the onrushing Joshua.

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Hrvoje Kisicek (2nd) – 14/11/13

AJ dropped his hands and landed everything he threw at the famous York Hall.

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Paul Butlin (2nd) – 26/10/13

Cut to the left eye, Butlin received a beatdown with his corner’s towel thrown in as he backed away from AJ, who couldn’t miss with anything.

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Emanuele Leo (1st) – 05/10/2013

A debut KO after claiming Olympic gold a year earlier, AJ wiped the Italian out with a big right hand.

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