Shock mass brawl at boxing event with as chairs fly and punches thrown

Local rivalries are believed to have caused a mass brawl at Leicester’s King Power Stadium.

A huge fight marred a boxing event over the weekend, where around 150 fans are believed to have travelled from Nottingham to Leicester to watch proceedings.

The match was Nottinghamshire’s Brad Daws’ professional debut, against Nicaraguan Elvis Guillen, report the Leicester Mercury.

But things turned ugly in the crowd after a verbal altercation ended in punches being thrown, before others weighed in.

Promoter Carl Greaves told Nottinghamshire Live : "There was a large Nottingham following there, and that didn’t go down well.

"I didn’t put two and two together with the rivalry between Nottingham and Leicester fans.

"[Brad Daws’s] fans were singing about Nottingham, and the Leicester fans didn’t like it.

"The Nottingham lads were told to quiet down, but didn’t.

"Scuffling started, and chairs got thrown. But security stopped it quite quickly."

He added: "Brad doesn’t follow football, but obviously some of his fans do. It’s boxing, but football gets involved."

Greaves said he had had a "good chat" with the venue following the event, but did not feel he would be able to put another Brad Daws fight on in Leicester.

A Leicester City Football Club spokesman said:“We are reviewing evidence from an incident that took place at the stadium on Saturday evening to determine any revisions to security procedures that may be necessary.

"The club strongly condemns such behaviour and will work with its stadium events partners to prevent any future incidents of this nature.”

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