An Irishman’s luck ran out as he streaked naked across the field during the ninth inning of the Mariners and Blue Jays’ game on Saturday.

According to Yahoo! Sports, the game drew thousands of supporters who crossed the border to see their beloved Blue Jays in action at Safeco Field in Seattle. What they weren’t expecting to see was one particular Blue Jay fan who bared it all and who might never cross the border from the Canadian side again. Hazel Mae, a sportscaster on MLB Network, posted on Twitter that the streaker’s woes won’t just end with the humiliation of being dragged off the field, as he could now face deportation too.

“Update: according to my source with the King County Sheriff’s office, last night’s streaker is still incarcerated. Since he is an Irish national, he could now be deported. Charges are very serious. All this because I’m told his buddies bet him $80..”

In several videos which are available across the internet, the streaker is seen running around the field. The crowd erupts as the birthday suit-wearer triumphantly races across the field in belligerent glory. Alas, his freedom was short-lived as he was tackled down by four security guards who had him cornered.

Jose Moreno, a sports journalist, also posted on his Twitter feed that the streaker would only be released on Tuesday, August 7. He also posted what the Irish national would be charged with before heading back to Canada.

“According to sources at KCS: Streaker from last night is an Irish National, being held until Tuesday and will be charged with trespassing and indecent exposure. Hefty fine to pay for an $80 bet. Kids at home: Don’t drink and streak. Especially in a foreign country.”

USA Today reports that the streaker’s fans have not abandoned him to his own devices. Shanel Pratap, a Global BC anchor, caught up with them after the event and they not only showed off the streaker’s clothes (the security guards had covered him in a towel), but gave Pratap the inside scoop.

He and his friends were supposedly visiting from Ireland. It seems as if the streaker had not planned the incident but had rather “decided to streak on the spot.” They also shared that they had plans beyond the promised $80. Apparently, his friends intend to help him financially by starting a GoFundMe to bail him out.

Perhaps someone should tell them that the streaker will need the help after he posts bail, with attorneys and immigration and such.

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