The New Day talked out of quitting WWE by Kofi Kingston after owner Vince McMahon's latest actions

KOFI KINGSTON talked Big E and Xavier Woods out of quitting WWE despite the New Day star getting screwed again by Vince McMahon.

The 37-year-old much-loved superstar shocked the world on SmackDown as he successfully emerged triumphant from a five man gauntlet match to seal a WWE Title shot at WrestleMania.

But as he was joined by his colleagues in the ring, WWE’s owner emerged from the back to reveal one more opponent – the champ Daniel Bryan.

Bryan made quick work of the exhausted to wreck the veteran’s hopes and dreams, and the fury of his fellow New Day members at the shocking twist has been revealed.

A WWE exclusive video has been released that shows Big E and Xavier back were ready to walk out on the company – only to be convinced to stay by Kingston.


Filmed in the locker room, Woods says: “Honestly, I'm not even surprised. I'm not even surprised. Of course Vince brought somebody else to fight you because there was never any chance for you to actually win.

Big E added: “It doesn't matter. Beat five, they bring out another five. Beat those 10, they bring out another five. I'm telling you, after over an hour in the gauntlet, he did it once, he did it again. It doesn't matter, it doesn't matter. The glass ceiling is still here.

“You'll punch through that glass ceiling, they'll just put another one there. It doesn't matter. What else have we done here, what more do we have to do here?”

Woods added: “Every time you get a shot, there's hurdle after hurdle after hurdle. You put your life on the line, you put your body on the line, you put everything on the line for 11 years.”

That prompted the duo to ask each other why they remain with the company, with each man agreeing they should quit.


But Kingston had other ideas as he hold his friends to stay strong.

He said: “If we quit then Vince wins, then Daniel Bryan wins. We can't quit, not like this.

“I know emotions are high, emotions are running high right now.

“I think we just need to take some time and figure it out.”

He later Tweeted: “I am physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted. I want to thank everyone of you wholeheartedly for all of your support.”

The situation regarding the WWE Title remains up in the air as Bryan is still without an opponent for WrestleMania on April 7.

But the whole of the WWE Universe remains clear on exactly who they want to see – but it remains to be seen whether their vocal support will help convince McMahon to give Kingston his shot.

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