Saquon Barkley appeared to rip a giant fart in his first preseason game with the New York Giants.

Saquon Barkley was drafted with the No. 2 overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft by the New York Giants. It was a move that the franchise believes will put them back into contention in the near future.

Coming out of Penn State, Barkley was considered to be one of the most talented running back that the NFL has seen in the draft since Adrian Peterson. Many believe that he has the talent to become the best running back in the league at some point soon. That talent was on display on Thursday night in the Giants’ first preseason game against the Cleveland Browns.

Not only did Barkley have a productive first game, he also gave NFL fans a laugh with a video that has been going viral. In the video on Twitter, Barkley appears to let out a giant fart while waiting for the snap.

Barkley’s teammate, veteran running back Jonathan Stewart, posted a response to the video. His response is one that will leave fans cracking up even more.

“(Laughing emoji’s) the wind out there acting crazy!”

Needless to say, this is a video that Barkley likely wasn’t expecting to end up making its rounds around the worldwide internet.

Take a look at the video for yourself and come to your own opinion about whether Barkley let out a giant fart or not.

All of that being said, Barkey can sleep well following his first preseason game for the Giants. He ended up carrying the football four times for 43 yards, including a massive 39-yard run. New York drafted him knowing that he had big-play potential and he is already showing that side of his game.

It will be interesting to see what the 2018 NFL season has in store for Barkley. He is expected to be a workhorse back behind Eli Manning and will be asked to take pressure off of the veteran quarterback. If he is able to play up to his potential, it would not be shocking to see Barkley win the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year Award this season.

The sky is the limit for Barkley and this just adds even more entertainment for fans in New York.

Expect to see plenty more videos of Barkley throughout the upcoming season. Following this video getting out, however, Barkley will likely try to be a bit more careful next time he needs to fart on the field. If he doesn’t, fans will get even more entertainment out of knowing that he is a repeat offender.

If he doesn’t, fans will get even more comedy out of knowing that he is a repeat offender.

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