WWE News: Injury Causes Huge Change To Title Match At ‘NXT Takeover: Brooklyn 4’ — Stipulation Added

A huge triple threat match was in place for the NXT Title, but everything has changed.

Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano have had some serious brawls in the last few months and it isn’t as if they need anything added to have a great match. Still, the action on this week’s episode of NXT led to Aleister Black being added to a match between the two for the NXT Title at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn 4. Unfortunately, the thrilling idea of that match is already out the window as an injury has brought about a huge change.

Right now, WWE is in the middle of a crop of episodes of NXT which were taped a while back to set up the upcoming big event later this month. The entire time, the idea was to have Black vs. Gargano vs. Ciampa for the NXT Title at Takeover, and that is what was announced on Wednesday but problems had already arisen.

Last week, it was revealed that Aleister Black had suffered a groin injury during a match against Ciampa at a NXT live event. While originally thought to be minor, Pro Wrestling Sheet reported that it was much worse than expected and Black was not going to be able to wrestle at Takeover.

On Thursday, that news was confirmed by the official website of WWE when NXT general manager William Regal announced that Black was out and a stipulation has been added.

Regal announced that the main event of NXT Takeover: Brooklyn 4 will be NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa vs. Johnny Gargano with the title on the line. Making matters even better is that this will be a Last Man Standing Match which pretty much guarantees it is going to be insane.

Considering the episodes of NXT had already been taped and the angle for the Triple Threat Match set-up, WWE had to do something to explain the injury. That is why they ran an injury angle on Wednesday and showed Aleister Black being “attacked” by someone in the parking lot.

The footage shot is quite intriguing as a number of NXT superstars are shown and that includes the Undisputed Era. This could be something that brings about a future feud for Black, but it was also a clever way to write him out of Takeover and have the title match changed.

NXT Takeover: Brooklyn 4 is going to be headlined by another match between Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano, but no wrestling fan can be disappointed in that. Now, it would have been even better having Aleister Black thrown into the mix, but an unfortunate injury has caused the change to be made. After the last meeting between the two, Ciampa and Gargano will have to go that extra mile in the Last Man Standing Match to top things.

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