Even though he was found hanging in his jail cell, Brian Christopher’s father doesn’t believe he killed himself.

A little over a week ago, former WWE superstar Brian Christopher was found dead in his jail cell after committing suicide by hanging. The wrestling world was overly distraught by the loss of the 46-year-old, but there has been a quite of confusion regarding his death. As an investigation continues into his passing, Jerry “The King” Lawler is speaking out on the death of his son and he still doesn’t believe that he killed himself.

On July 30, CBS Sports reported that Brian Christopher was found hanging in his cell after being arrested a few weeks prior for driving under the influence. Officers performed CPR on Christopher before taking him to a hospital where he died the next day.

Wrestling fans know that he has been arrested a number of times before and this latest one was going to lead to at least a few months in jail. All of that combined with his sudden death led to Jerry Lawler discussing his son’s death on his Dinner With The King podcast, and he has a lot of doubt.

Lawler spoke at length about how he found out about Christopher’s death and how it affected him when everything took place. He didn’t want to believe that it happened, but the proof was there when he arrived and saw his son deceased.

Despite the fact that Christopher has now been buried, Lawler does not believe he killed himself.

Jerry Lawler has been looking more into his son’s death, and as transcribed by Wrestling Inc., he said there is more to the story but he can’t yet speak in detail about it. That is when “The King” spoke out candidly and said that does not think it was suicide.

“I have doubts as to whether Brian really did actually commit suicide. The Tennessee Bureau Of Investigation is working on investigating what happened at the jail. I don’t have any results from that yet, but I have my doubts as well.

“We’ve been contacted by inmates who were in the jail with Brian and they don’t believe what was told was actually what happened. We’ve been contacted by another person who witnessed… I probably shouldn’t say any more because this investigation is ongoing and it may take a long time to get sorted out.”

Lawler even said that his attorney looked at the facts of Brian Christopher’s death and they “doesn’t pass the smell test.” They question how he was even able to hang himself in the cell if it actually was suicide that ended his life in the first place.

Of course, Lawler doesn’t want to believe that it was suicide and he knows that nothing will bring Christopher back, but he wants to know the truth.

There have been many professional wrestlers who have had their lives ended very early by natural causes, suicide, or something else. Brian Christopher was barely halfway through his life when he was found hanging in his cell by an apparent suicide, but his father doesn’t believe the end result is actually what it was. Jerry “The King” Lawler will continue to look into the death of the former WWE superstar as before his son is officially laid to rest, he is determined to find out just what happened.

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