WWE news: Matt Hardy's famous 'Hardy Compound' badly flooded in Hurricane Florence

The 43-year-old’s home state of North Carolina was ravaged by the tropical storm which has so far claimed 37 lives in the US.

Many wrestling fans were left wondering how the famous Hardy Compound, which the superstar made famous as the location for his battles against brother Jeff Hardy and Bray Wyatt, had fared during the devastating disaster.

The “Woken” daredevil took to Twitter to confirm his home was severely flooded during the storm.

But he was quick to point out all of his family were safe and they were trying to salvage what they could from the house.

Hardy wrote: “To everyone who has checked on us, my family is safe following the hurricane.

“The Hardy Compound is badly flooded & we’re nonstop working to dry out & salvage what we can.

“Thanks you for checking on us & asking about our safety & the condition of our property. We appreciate it.”

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Hardy announced he was retiring after a glittering 26-year career over the weekend as it was time for him to go home and be a husband and father.

He and brother Jeff established themselves as Attitude Era icons after breaking into WWE as The Hardy Boyz and would later go on to enjoy runs as single competitors.

The Hardy Boyz made a stunning return to WWE at last year’s WrestleMania and immediately captured the Raw Tag Team Championship.

The brothers went their separate ways towards the end of last year to compete as singles stars.

But Matt would later team up with Bray Wyatt and capture the tag belts again before losing the straps to The B-Team earlier this summer.

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