With hackers stealing photos and sharing them online for millions to see, it is a tough era to be a celebrity, and the same holds true for WWE superstars. A variety of WWE superstars have had their privacy invaded with hackers leaking their nude photos or sexual acts online, including Paige, Charlotte Flair, JoJo, and former WWE women’s champion Melina. In a recent session on Periscope, Melina shared her honest feelings on nude photos of her being leaked in 2017, as Ringside News documented.

The model said that at first, her mind couldn’t process that nude photos of her had been leaked. Melina stated that it was a travesty that had nothing to do with her, and that she did nothing wrong. The former WWE champion said that the person who violated her personal information was in the wrong, and as Ringside News transcribed, Melina was hurt by the entire situation.

“I had to cope with other people seeing my naked body. I refused Playboy because I wanted to keep from being seen and to only be there for the person that I love. It was a huge hurtful experience. So thank you for feeling sorry that those things happened to me, thank you for that. But it is what it is, sadly. It’s wrong. People should never do that…I’ve been able to accept that as something that happened.”

“I would like to see that happen to the person who posted all those things and did all that stuff. I mean they wouldn’t like it. Thank goodness I looked good. But at the same time, it is hurtful, it is horrible.”

As Wrestling Inc. documented, Melina then spoke of her time in the WWE, and she commented that she appreciates that she got a chance to live a dream that few get to experience. The model said that she wishes she could have experienced professional wrestling in a time where she could have done more. Melina remarked that it’s incredible that she even got a chance to step into a WWE ring, and that she never thought it would be an opportunity that she would have.

Melina stated that if she was doing the hiring at WWE, she wouldn’t have hired her. The former wrestler remarked that she was shy, quiet, and very timid, but the WWE gave her a chance despite all that. Overall, Melina said that her time with the WWE taught her many lessons, including how it taught her to become vocal and larger than life, and it was a great experience.

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