Could the ‘Samoan Submission Machine’ be the next client of Paul Heyman?

SummerSlam has a pretty stacked card for later this month and WWE knows they are going to have to deliver in the two biggest matches. From Monday Night Raw, Brock Lesnar is defending the WWE Universal Championship against Roman Reigns in what could be his last match with the company. From SmackDown Live, Samoa Joe has a chance to capture the WWE Championship from AJ Styles. After it is all over, Paul Heyman may be left without a single client, but could he find one in Joe?

If Brock Lesnar does end up leaving WWE, it would leave Paul Heyman without someone to manage as his client may end up heading back to UFC. Should that happen, Heyman may be on the lookout for the next guy to fall under his managerial hand and guidance, but no one knows who that may be.

Fans are curious as to just what may happen with Brock Lesnar after SummerSlam is over, but bigger questions remain for those staying with WWE.

Joe recently spoke with Planeta Wrestling, by way of Wrestling Inc., and he looked back on when he faced Lesnar and lost to him at Great Balls of Fire. Joe doesn’t feel bad about what happened to Heyman at the hands of Lesnar on a recent Raw as he said Heyman “has to deal with that situation.”

Samoa Joe went on to say Paul Heyman was manhandled by Brock Lesnar and it is all because of the talent roster on Monday Night Raw.

“It’s Raw‘s fault. What happened to him [Monday] night happened to him because there are no big competitors in the brand that can overshadow him. If I had been on Raw I would have given him his own medicine.”

In the past, Samoa Joe and Paul Heyman haven’t been the greatest of friends and that was evident in the build-up to Joe’s match with Lesnar. During the weeks prior to Great Balls of Fire, Joe even choked out Heyman and left him lying unconscious in the middle of the ring.

While speaking with Planeta Wrestling, Samoa Joe was asked if he would ever look into becoming a “Paul Heyman Guy.” The opportunity may come about, especially if Brock Lesnar ends up leaving, but Joe said that it’s all just business.

“Paul already had his opportunity to cross that line and he missed his opportunity.

“Paul and I are businessmen and if circumstances change again and we reach a mutual understanding… we’ll see what happens in the future.”

The “Paul Heyman Guys” of the past have been all types — Brock Lesnar, CM Punk, Curtis Axel, Cesaro. All of them great in the ring and with a certain chip on the shoulder, but not all of them were great on the mic. Samoa Joe is the total package and he will soon have a chance at becoming the WWE Champion with his match against AJ Styles at SummerSlam. If the time ever came for him to have a business advocate, Paul Heyman certainly wouldn’t be a bad choice for him to select.

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