WWE News: WWE Tells Correspondent To Stop Posting Match Spoilers At Mae Young Classic Taping

It seems as if WWE doesn’t want the results of their latest tournament to get out early.

With the internet being what it is and social media running wild, it is really difficult to keep anything a secret any longer. That is especially true in the world of professional wrestling where many shows and episodes are taped in advance to be shown at a later date. On Wednesday night, WWE held its first set of matches for the Mae Young Classic at Full Sail University and they apparently told two correspondents not to post spoilers from the finishes of the bouts.

According to Wrestling Inc., there were at least two different wrestling correspondents who were spoken to by WWE at Full Sail University. Upon showing up for the first round of the Mae Young Classic, they took their seats and began enjoying the action but also texting or emailing it to websites to post the spoilers for all fans to read.

It is now obvious that WWE wasn’t thrilled with their actions and actually told them to stop spoiling match finishes.

JJ Williams is a WWE correspondent who has been working with The Wrestling Observer for many years. He attends numerous events and sends in the spoilers or results for the website to post for its readers, and it is obvious that WWE has been paying close attention to his actions.

Shortly after arriving at Full Sail University, JJ Williams tweeted out that someone from WWE actually approached him at the event. He tweeted out that the employee told him not to post the finishes to matches any longer.

While Williams didn’t go into great detail on Wednesday night, that is probably because WWE was watching him rather closely after giving him the warning. He stayed for the rest of the first round matches of the Mae Young Classic and he’s planning on returning Thursday night for even more.

On Thursday afternoon, though, JJ Williams thought he should reveal more information as to what exactly happened at Full Sail. He sent out a series of tweets which detail his conversation with the WWE employee and how he was banned from posting spoilers due to working for a “dirt sheet.”

There has not been any word on the identity of the second correspondent who was asked to stop posting match finishes, but the story of JJ Williams is an interesting one. WWE has not yet released any comment on the situation, but it is evident that Williams won’t be posting spoilers and match finishes from the Mae Young Classic taping on Thursday night.

If this is something that continues and spreads out to more reporters and fans, it will be interesting to see just what coverage is allowed by WWE at future events.

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