According to Dave Meltzer of the ‘Wrestling Observer Newsletter,’ Bryan has also been removed from a number of weekend house shows in order to meet his requests for a lighter schedule.

In slightly less than one month from now, Daniel Bryan’s WWE contract will be expiring, and while reports from last month suggested he had already signed a new deal with the company, newer updates claim otherwise and hint that the 37-year-old former WWE Champion has yet to re-sign after all. Although he is currently in the middle of a heated onscreen feud with The Miz that is expected to culminate with a match at this month’s SummerSlam pay-per-view, recent whispers behind the scenes suggest WWE is unhappy about Bryan’s apparent hesitance to sign a new contract and has, in part, reacted by removing him from weekend live events.

As observed by Wrestling Inc., Tuesday’s on-air promo exchange on SmackDown Live between The Miz and Daniel Bryan, where the former openly referenced how the latter has yet to re-sign with WWE, might have been a sign that the company is “not happy” with the lack of progress in signing the latter superstar to a new deal. For this rumor, the publication cited longtime wrestling insider Dave Meltzer, who also said on Wrestling Observer Radio that there’s “a lot of weird stuff going on” that is making it hard at the moment for Bryan to commit to a new contract, even if he expects both sides to eventually come to terms.

Meltzer also noted that Daniel Bryan had recently been removed from certain WWE live events scheduled for the weekends, in order to acquiesce to his supposed demands for a lighter schedule. While this was mentioned as a sign that WWE is serious on keeping Bryan happy to ensure he doesn’t sign elsewhere when his contract expires, it was nonetheless stressed that he has not yet re-signed, even with his contract coming up on September 1.

Despite how Bryan is now on a lighter weekend schedule, he is still advertised for a number of WWE events scheduled after his contract expiry date, including the company’s major Australian event on October 6 and a Madison Square Garden SmackDown Live house show on December 26.

A few weeks ago, multiple sources, including Twitter user TicketDrew and Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp, wrote that Daniel Bryan had re-signed with WWE, according to 411Mania. These rumors, however, were quickly shot down by Meltzer, who said that no new contract had been signed. Still, he did mention shortly before those reports emerged that there is a “good chance” he will re-sign with WWE and return for another few years to continue his successful comeback from retirement, per

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