It would seem that Reby Hardy is also hinting at what many fans fear is her husband Matt’s imminent retirement from pro wrestling.

Just days after rumors suggested that Matt Hardy was teasing his retirement in a Twitter post, the WWE veteran tweeted yet another mysterious message that his followers generally interpreted as a sign he may soon be hanging up his wrestling boots. Hours later, his wife, Reby Hardy, appeared to fuel the speculation even further with a succinct tweet of her own.

According to, many fans expressed concern that Hardy’s days in professional wrestling might be numbered after he tweeted a schedule of upcoming WWE live events which he described as the “WWE Expedition of Deletion tour.” He then followed up his in-character description with these words, which several followers saw as a reference to retirement plans.

“Get your dose of #WOKENWisdom while you can..”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, rumors of Matt Hardy’s imminent retirement began to swirl in earnest on Wednesday morning, when he tweeted a photo of himself and thanked the fans who had supported him in his 25-year career as a professional wrestler. This came a few weeks after he posted a cryptic series of tweets that had many fans thinking that he and his brother, Jeff Hardy, were about to leave WWE more than one year after their memorable return at WrestleMania 33.

Although most of the speculation about Matt Hardy’s retirement has been a result of his penchant for mysterious social media posts, his wife’s latest Twitter activity proved to be quite interesting to a lot of her followers in the light of recent developments.

On Friday afternoon, Reby Hardy tweeted the words “Todo tiene su final,” a Spanish phrase that loosely translates to “everything has its end.” While some users suggested that she was referring to an old Puerto Rican salsa song with the same title, others interpreted her tweet as another sign that her husband is either retiring or leaving WWE.

“If this is good bye [sic], I’m still not ready! However, I think your family is awesome and look forward to the future,” read the reply of one fan.

Considering that Matt Hardy will be turning 44 in September and has incurred a lot of wear and tear on his body during his two-and-a-half decades as a wrestler, wrote that it won’t be surprising for him to announce his retirement soon, and for him and Jeff Hardy to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame at some point in the future. However, the publication also suggested that Hardy could be hinting at a character change after several months working the “Woken” gimmick.

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