10 entertainment questions for your virtual pub quiz

We’ve become pretty obsessed with virtual pub quizzes since going into coronavirus lockdown, so no surprises that we’re back again with another batch of questions you can use in your next Zoom event.

To save you from having to search high and low on the internet, we’ve put together 10 questions and answers on all the showbiz news from the past seven days which you can use on your friends and family.

That’s on top of our 19 pub quiz question rounds and film pub quiz questions.

So, without further ado…

Q: Which Kardashian sister delivered a classy clap back at speculation she’s pregnant?
A: Kourtney Kardashian

Q: Mary-Kate Olsen has sought an emergency court order to divorce her husband. What is his name?
A: Olivier Sarkozy

Q: Newsnight viewers were left confused after which Hollywood actor appeared on the show?
A: Robert De Niro

Q: How much money is Andrew Lloyd Webber set to lose thanks to coronavirus?
A: £20million

Q: Food writer Alison Roman criticised which celebrity’s cookery career?
A: Chrissy Teigen

Q: Stevie Wonder celebrated his birthday this week. How old did he turn?
A: 70

Q: Which actress said she ‘wanted Boris Johnson to die from coronavirus’ on The Last Leg?
A: Miriam Margolyes

Q: Netflix dropped the final season of Schitt’s Creek onto its UK platform. How many seasons are there in total?
A: Six

Q: Which iconic reality series is returning to Channel 4 with an anniversary special?
A: Big Brother

Q: Which singer was accused of being racist for blaming coronavirus on ‘bat-eating, wet market animal selling bas***ds’?
A: Bryan Adams

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