’20 more years!’ Amanda Holden gives view on future of Britain’s Got Talent

Amanda Holden and Ashley Roberts fall off a massage machine

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The highly-anticipated 15th series of Britain’s Got Talent will air on ITV this weekend, with all the usual judges returning to select the best acts from hopeful performers from all over the country. Speaking to Express.co.uk and other media, Amanda Holden expressed her goal to be on the show for a further 20 years as she joked about her contract with Simon Cowell.

Talking about how the panel of judges have worked together for 10 years and why there haven’t been any changes in that time, Amanda joked: “I’ve got my contract here!”

Appearing on the press Q&A from Simon’s house, she waved her contract as Simon commented: “Literally.”

She added: “That’s why I’m here! Sign it, 20 more years I’ve asked for!”

When asked why the current panel seems to work so well, Simon replied: “I don’t know, we just get on.”

He added: “We’ve all got different opinions. And I said that to someone the other day, everyone in their way has got their own kind of expertise.

“You know, David, he’s sometimes a comedian. Alesha knows an awful lot about singing and dance.

“I know quite a bit about music and Amanda… juggles,” he quipped before turning to the presenter, who appeared on camera with him from his home in the US.

He continued the joke: “You know a lot about juggling.”

“But the truth is that you know you’ve got a good group around you when you can argue without feeling bad about arguing,” Simon expanded.

“So in other words when we disagree – and we do a lot – it’s not uncomfortable.”

Alesha added: “And we laugh a lot!” Simon agreed: “I was talking about that the other day.

“If you don’t laugh in a day, there is an issue. And it does make you happier.

“And that’s probably what we do more than anything else on the show – particularly me because I can’t stop laughing, at all the wrong times as well – it is good.

“And even though they’re long days, you feel good afterwards.”

Talking about whether having children has changed their approaches towards judging, David said: “I think having kids definitely changes you.

“Amanda was the only person who was a parent [from the beginning] and now we’ve all got children.

“I’d say it probably makes us a bit more sensitive, doesn’t it? Especially when kids come on and perform.

“I’d say we are all absolutely rooting for them, thinking, ‘that could be our child out there’.”

“That’s what I think,” Simon admitted. “I think, ‘my God, what if that was Eric?’ Wow, I mean, I would be petrified.”

Britain’s Got Talent didn’t air last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so the judges are more excited than ever to be bringing the show back to screens and called it an “extremely emotional” series.

Britain’s Got Talent returns on Saturday at 8pm on BBC One.

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